With the emergence of COVID-19, Cytotheryx remains committed to developing a consistent, high-quality source of human hepatocytes as we work together through this unprecedented and ever-changing time in our country. Learn More
Our Mission

About Us

Cytotheryx is comprised of experienced researchers focused on innovative technology and quality business leadership. As visionaries dedicated to enabling medical breakthroughs for the people and loved ones affected by liver disease, we are committed to providing the resources necessary for success.  At Cytotheryx, we believe that transformative research and therapy begin with a quality foundation.

Our Mission

Cytotheryx is committed to biomedical research focused on the development of a consistent, high-quality source of human hepatocytes (HHCs) and the application of those HHCs for multiple research and clinical applications.

Cytotheryx intends to become the foundational research company through which multiple clinical programs are advanced, including liver assist devices, allotransplantation, ex vivo gene therapy and drug delivery.