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Our Team

John R. Swart, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

John R. Swart, PhD is the CEO of Cytotheryx and previously served as President and CEO of Exemplar Genetics. Dr. Swart has over 20 years of experience in the biomedical research industry with a focus on business development and operations management. 

Joseph B. Lillegard, MD, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Joseph B. Lillegard, MD, PhD is a is a pediatric surgeon at Children’s Minnesota and is the Director of Research at the Midwest Fetal Care Center where he conducts research related to ex-vivo and in-utero cell and gene correction therapies.  Dr. Lillegard serves as the scientific advisor to Cytotheryx.

Robert A. Kaiser, PhD, DABT

Chief Operations Officer

Robert A. Kaiser, PhD, DABT is the Chief Operations Officer for Cytotheryx, overseeing the daily activities including research and development, and production.  Dr. Kaiser has over 11 years of GLP research experience directing IND-enabling studies for experimental therapeutics.

Ron G. Fedders

Chief Financial Officer

Ronald G. Fedders is the Chief Financial Officer for Exemplar Genetics and will serves as CFO for Cytotheryx, overseeing all financial activities.  Mr. Fedders brings over 20 years of experience to financial planning within the biotechnology industry.