Collaborating with Cytotheryx

Our Collaborators Help Make Our Work Possible

Our collaborators help equip us to revolutionize the development of a consistent, high-quality source of primary human hepatocytes to advance drug discovery and disease-specific research, and to enable new therapeutics and treatments of liver disease.

Our Collaborators

Cutting-edge research and development cannot happen in a vacuum. We welcome collaboration and ideas from a variety of sources to improve our work and generate results. To that end, we’re grateful to our partners for their ongoing support and guidance. Our partners support and believe in Cytotheryx’ mission to develop a consistent, high-quality source of primary human hepatocytes and in the application of those cells for multiple research and therapeutic uses. Thanks to Mayo Clinic, Precigen Exemplar, and Children’s Minnesota, we are surrounded by some of the best minds in research and medicine, providing important insights and support needed to continue our revolutionary work.

Our Collaborators

Children's Minnesota

Mayo Clinic

Precigen Exemplar

Interested in Becoming a Collaborator?

We're Looking for Investors and Scientific Partners

Are you interested in supporting the Cytotheryx team as we revolutionize the treatment of liver disease? We’re always looking for partners who are passionate about investing in the future of biotechnology and therapeutics.

Do you have unique technology that would complement or benefit from Cytotheryx’ innovative bio-incubator? Do you have a unique hepatocyte cell line that needs to be expanded? We’re looking for science and technology partners whose work would supplement our own. We’re excited to collaborate closely with a variety of partners to meet our mutual goals for maximum impact.

If you’re interested in collaborating with Cytotheryx, please reach out via email or the form.