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    Foundational Science
    Supporting Liver Research
    Cytotheryx is a biomedical research company focused on developing a consistent, high-quality source of human hepatocytes and utilizing those cells for multiple research and clinical applications. Human hepatocytes are currently used in metabolic and toxicology studies in drug development, hepatitis research, and liver-specific disease research, but the limited supply restricts broader applications. The platform technology being developed at Cytotheryx will provide a more consistent product to the existing market and enable applications in liver-assist devices, cell therapy, transplantation, and more.

Medical Breakthroughs Require Innovative Resources

Cytotheryx Delivers

The Need

Primary human hepatocytes are used in preclinical drug development for safety and toxicology, as well as in basic liver research, but the limited supply restricts these and broader applications.
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The Solution

Cytotheryx’ Platform Technology will provide a consistent, high-quality source of cells for research and enable applications in liver assist devices and allogeneic cell therapy.