Our Science

At Cytotheryx, we understand that life-saving discovery in liver disease research requires a multi-faceted approach. The key to enabling this innovation is a reliable foundation. We understand this need and the opportunity to support numerous areas working to advance human health—this is our sole focus.

Human hepatocytes can only grow and replicate within a living system. Currently, a limited quantity of liver cells can be derived from human organ donors and smaller rodent models (i.e., mice and rats). Therefore, the scientific community needs a technology that offers better access to these cells for research and development.

Our team has developed a revolutionary bio-incubator capable of propagating a high-quality, consistent source of primary human hepatocytes, or liver cells. With this platform technology, the liver research community will gain extended access to the quantity and quality of human liver cells required in safety and toxicity testing during drug development, as well as to advance disease-specific research. Our bio-incubator also provides the tools needed to develop new therapeutic applications by enabling liver assist devices, transplantation/cell therapy, and gene therapies for rare metabolic diseases.