Our Science

Our Science Creates the Gold Standard in Primary Human Hepatocytes

Cytotheryx’ revolutionary technology takes primary human hepatocytes and propagates high-quality, dependable, and accessible cells.


Cytotheryx has developed an innovative bio-incubator that makes high-quality, readily available, and consistent primary human hepatocytes.

The Foundation of Our Work is The Liver

The liver is unique in that it is the only organ in the body that regenerates in response to injury. Hepatocytes, the functional cells of the liver, constitute over 80% of the total liver mass and drive this regenerative capacity. Capitalizing on this unique ability, Cytotheryx has developed a bio-incubator that allows for the replication of any primary human hepatocyte, retaining its unique capability to perform the vital functions of the liver. This opens the door to identifying or developing the ideal primary hepatocyte seed material for a specific application, and expanding it to useful quantities.

The History of Our Work

The critical value of primary human hepatocytes (PHH) has been understood for decades and various attempts to produce this vital resource have been made, including the development of hepatocyte-like cells such as immortalized cell lines that can be produced in a laboratory setting, or stem cell derived progenitor cells that retain some hepatocyte function. The challenge has always been that these alternatives do not maintain the full functionality of primary human hepatocytes and thus offer limited value to the field. The initial attempts to develop bio-incubators to produce PHH focused on small volumes and provided the proof that this technology could be utilized to expand cells and maintain their full functionality.


Our Comprehensive Approach

Expanding Hepatocytes up to 1000x

Platform Technology to Revolutionize Research and Enable Therapeutics for Liver Disease

With our platform technology, Cytotheryx is developing a consistent, high-quality source of primary human hepatocytes to meet the unmet need for liver cells in the life science community. In turn, these liver cells can be used in preclinical drug discovery and disease-specific research and enable therapeutic applications like liver assist devices, cell therapy, and other innovative treatments for liver disease, liver failure, and rare diseases.

Medical breakthroughs require innovative resources. Cytotheryx delivers.