Our Team

Kari L. Allen

Production Manager

Kari L. Allen is the Production Manager, overseeing the daily animal operations.  She has extensive experience in the management of animal research programs after spending four years handling FAH KO pig and FRG mouse studies in Dr. Lillegard’s research lab at Mayo Clinic.

Brian Dacken

Director of Operations

Brian Dacken is the Director of Operations for Cytotheryx, ensuring regulatory compliance with the FDA, USDA, OSHA and other regulatory agencies, and overseeing the physical plant and equipment needs of the programs. Mr. Dacken provides input on pig and hepatocyte production, while ensuring staffing is appropriate to meet the needs of pig production, cell production and support.

Ron G. Fedders

Chief Financial Officer

Ronald G. Fedders is the Chief Financial Officer for Exemplar Genetics and will serves as CFO for Cytotheryx, overseeing all financial activities.  Mr. Fedders brings over 20 years of experience to financial planning within the biotechnology industry.

Anna K. Haugo, MBA

Dir. of Business Development

Anna K. Haugo, MBA is the Director of Business Development, responsible for key account management, identification of new clients and collaborators, investor relations, brand development, contract negotiations, sales, marketing efforts and more. Ms. Haugo brings 10 years of fundraising and strategic development experience to her role.

Robert A. Kaiser, PhD, DABT

Chief Operations Officer

Robert A. Kaiser, PhD, DABT is the Chief Operations Officer for Cytotheryx, overseeing the daily activities including research and development, and production.  Dr. Kaiser has over 11 years of GLP research experience directing IND-enabling studies for experimental therapeutics.

Joseph B. Lillegard, MD, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Joseph B. Lillegard, MD, PhD is a co-founder of Cytotheryx and serves as the company’s Chief Science Officer and President. He is also a member of the Cytotheryx Board of Directors. Dr. Lillegard is a pediatric and fetal surgeon at Children’s Minnesota and leads a gene therapy research laboratory at Mayo Clinic, Rochester. His research focuses on cell and gene therapies for the treatment of in-born errors of metabolism in humans.

Brent Pepin, DVM, MS

Dir. of Veterinary Medicine

Brent Pepin, DVM, MS is the Director of Veterinary Medicine, responsible for maintaining and monitoring excellent veterinary care in compliance with the requirements and expectations of regulatory and other relevant agencies. Dr. Pepin has a unique background in both clinical/practical swine medicine and applied research.

John R. Swart, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

John R. Swart, PhD is the CEO of Cytotheryx and previously served as President and CEO of Exemplar Genetics. Dr. Swart has over 20 years of experience in the biomedical research industry with a focus on business development and operations management.