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The Company Behind the Hepatocytes

Cytotheryx is a platform technology company developing a high-quality, consistent source of primary human hepatocytes (PHH), or liver cells, to address a critical shortage of these cells in the market. With a team of experienced researchers and our revolutionary science, we’re creating a new gold standard of PHH. Medical breakthroughs require innovative resources. Cytotheryx delivers.

Hear from Cytotheryx’ CEO

“Cytotheryx has a tremendous opportunity to change the way the world uses primary human hepatocytes. With our new gold standard, we’re opening doors in medicine and research.”

- John Swart


Partner with Cytotheryx

Our partners help equip us with the tools, information, and support needed to achieve our mission. As we continue to develop a consistent, high-quality source of primary human hepatocytes, or liver cells, and apply those cells to multiple research and clinical applications, our partners are an important part of our success. With the guidance of global leaders in research, development, and healthcare, including Mayo Clinic, Precigen Exemplar, and Children’s Minnesota, we have made strides toward a world with improved access to high-quality primary human hepatocytes.

Cytotheryx’ Platform Technology

Our team is developing a bio-incubator that will allow us to propagate high-quality primary human hepatocytes, or liver cells. These cells can then be used by pharmaceutical companies developing new drugs to test for toxicity and safety, by the liver research community for the development of new therapeutics for liver failure, liver disease, and rare diseases, and for the advancement of other, disease-specific research.

The Need Behind Our Work

There is a broad and deep need for a high-quality, consistent source of primary human hepatocytes, or liver cells, in the scientific community. Primary human hepatocytes are currently used to screen for adverse effects in drug development and to advance liver disease-specific research, and have been shown to effectively treat liver disease, among other applications. However, the finite supply of human hepatocytes limits research and clinical application opportunities. With more dependable, accessible, and high-quality liver cells provided by Cytotheryx, more research and development for medical breakthroughs will be possible.


Upcoming Events


Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

The Liver Meeting | November 10-14, 2023

As the premier conference in the liver disease research space, The Liver Meeting brings together leaders for networking, scientific conversations and symposia, and educational workshops. We will be exhibiting at the Liver Meeting Booth C2415 in November and are excited to be contributing to the ongoing excitement around cutting-edge liver disease research.

JPM Week | January 8-11, 2024

We will attend the annual JPM week. We’re excited to attend to have meaningful conversations and build relationships with other industry leaders and investors.

Advanced Therapies Week | January 8-11, 2024

Advanced Therapies Week is a hub of activity for industry leaders looking to connect with one another to discuss their work, ideas, and insights with one another in the interest of making future advancements. Cytotheryx is looking forward to attending for a week of discussion, content, and networking.

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